Main Unit Manual-1 Hardware & Instruction

Manual Name (click name to download)Type
HardWare Chapter 1 : Introduction of FATEK FBs Series PLCPDF
HardWare Chapter 2 : System ConfigurationPDF
HardWare Chapter 3 : Expansion of FBs-PLCPDF
HardWare Chapter 4 : Installation GuidePDF
HardWare Chapter 5 : Power Supply Wiring, Power Consumption Calculation, and Power SequencePDF
HardWare Chapter 6 : Digital Input (DI) CircuitPDF
HardWare Chapter 7 : Digital Output (DO) CircuitPDF
HardWare Chapter 8 : Test Run, Monitoring and MaintenancePDF
Instruction Chapter 1 : PLC Ladder Diagram and the Coding Rules of MnemonicPDF
Instruction Chapter 2 : FBs-PLC Memory AllcationPDF
Instruction Chapter 3 : FBs-PLC Instruction ListsPDF
Instruction Chapter 4 : Sequential InstructionsPDF
Instruction Chapter 5 : Description of Function InstructionsPDF
Instruction Chapter 6 : Basic Function InstructionPDF
Instruction Chapter 7 : Advanced Function InstructionsPDF
Instruction Chapter 8 : Step Instruction DescriptionPDF
Appendix 1 : FBs-PACK Operation InstructionPDF
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Main Unit Manual-2 Advanced Application

Manual Name (click name to download)Type
Advanced Function Chapter 9 : FBs-PLC Interrupt FunctionPDF
Advanced Function Chapter 10 : FBs-PLC High-Speed Counter and TimerPDF
Advanced Function Chapter 11 : The NC Positioning Control of FBs-PLCPDF
Advanced Function Chapter 12 : The Communication Function of FBs-PLCPDF
Advanced Function Chapter 13 : The Applications of FBs-PLC Communication LinkPDF
Advanced Function Chapter 14 : Application Of ASCII File Output FunctionPDF
Advanced Function Chapter 15 : Real Time Clock (RTC)PDF
Advanced Function Chapter 16 : 7/16-Segment LED Display ModulePDF
Advanced Function Chapter 17 : Thumbwheel Switch Input ModelPDF
Advanced Function Chapter 18 : AIO ModulePDF
Advanced Function Chapter 19 : Analog Input/Output Expansion BoardPDF
Advanced Function Chapter 20 : Temperature Measurement of FBs-PLC and PID ControlPDF
Advanced Function Chapter 21 : Analog Input and Temperature Measurement Combination ModulePDF
Advanced Function Chapter 22 : General Purpose PID ControlPDF
Appendix 1 : FATEK Communication ProtocolPDF
Appendix 2 : PWMDA Analog Output ModulePDF
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Communication Server Manual

Manual Name (click name to download)Type
DDE InterfacePDF
ActiveX InterfacePDF

FBs Expansion Module/Boards

FBs Analog I/O Expansion Modules/Boards

Manual Name (click name to download)Type
FBs-4A2D DataSheetPDF
FBs-B2A1D DataSheetPDF
FBs-4DA DataSheetPDF
FBs-2DA (New Version PCB number 4DA-1)PDF
FBs-2DA (Old Version PCB number 2DA-0)PDF
FBs-B2DA DataSheetPDF
FBs-4PT DataSheetPDF
FBs-B4AD DataSheetPDF
FBs-6AD DataSheetPDF

FBs Temperature Measurement Modules

Manual Name (click name to download)Type
FBs-RTD16 DataSheetPDF
FBs-RTD6 DataSheetPDF
FBs-TC16 DataSheetPDF
FBs-TC6 DataSheetPDF
FBs-TC2 DataSheetPDF
FBs-NTC6 ModuleRAR

FBs Load Cell Module

Manual Name (click name to download)Type
FBs-1LC samplePDW
FBs 1LC DataSheetPDF

FBs AI+Temperature Measurement Combo Modules

Manual Name (click name to download)Type
FBs-2ATC4 DataSheetPDF
FBs-2ARTD4 DataSheetPDF

FBs 16/7 Segment LED Display Modules

Manual Name (click name to download)Type
FBs-7SG2 DataSheetPDF
FBs-7SG1 DataSheetPDF

FBs Communication Modules

Manual Name (click name to download)Type
FBs-CM5H DataSheetPDF
FBs-CM5R DataSheetPDF
FBs-CM25C DataSheetPDF
FBs-CM55E DataSheetPDF
FBs-CM25E DataSheetPDF
CBCAN-ladder and EasyCanOpener configuration files for the manual appendix 1.1.3 exampleZIP
FBs-CBCAN SDO and NMT service How To technical manualPDF
FBs-CBCAN Communication Board User’s ManualPDF

FBs PLC Mechanism Diagrams

Manual Name (click name to download)Type
FBs-60 Main UnitDWG
FBs-40 Main UnitDWG
FBs-24 Main UnitDWG
FBs-14 Main UnitDWG


Manual Name (click name to download)Type
FBs BDAP User’s ManualPDF
FBs-BDAP SpecificationsPDF

BPEP/PEP BPEP Board Type Parameter Entry Panel

Manual Name (click name to download)Type
PEP device Installation GuidePDF

Vom Modules

Manual Name (click name to download)Type
VOM Edit ManualPDF
FBs-VOM DataSheetPDF