Expansion keyboard for Exter Series


X-Key 16 is an extra keyboard that expands the functionality of your EXTER panel by adding 16 function keys and LEDs.

Up to four X-Key 16 can be connected to one panel, giving a total of 64 extra function keys and LEDs. The associated text area for each set of function key and LED enables exact and clear communications with the operator, also when the keyboard is located away from the panel. The LEDs are dimmable to match the specific needs of your application.

X-Key 16 is simple to implement in your application. The configuration is made as a part of the main project in the configuration software Information Designer. Changing settings such as station number, communication speed and port is easily done with the function keys.

X-Key 16 has three serial ports which can be used for communications with the operator panel and between extended keyboards. The keyboard can be placed right next to the operator terminal, or farther away depending on the port and cable, for example up to 15 meters when connected to the RS-232C port. Please see the manual for further details on configuration.

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Expansion keyboard 16 keys 16 LED