Programming software for Cimrex/Exter terminals


Intuitive and user-friendly configuration tool for the EXTER and CIMREX series of operator panels and accessories.
Information Designer makes it easy to create applications that are logic and user-friendly for the operator, and make flexible and efficient interfaces between systems, machines and operators.

Less than 10 minutes is all you need to get your first application running!
A wide selection of ready-made objects and functions make it easy for you to create applications by just pointing and placing on the screen. In the graphic environment, you can see exactly how the final result will appear. You can file projects, copy blocks, texts and graphics between different projects and reuse earlier solutions

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Programming software for Cimrex/Exter terminals. For use with Windows 95/98, NT,
2000 and Windows XP. UNICODE
(Use prefix E-Designer for E Terminals)